Clube de Repouso Casa dos Leões

Clube de Repouso Casa dos Leões

The Clube de Repouso Casa dos Leões, a Luz Saúde residential unit located in Carnaxide near the Hospital de Santa Cruz, was built with the well-being and safety of the Clube’s residents in mind, even while they maintain total freedom of movement and independence in their daily lives.

The Clube de Repouso Casa dos Leões is an elegant and functional residential complex with ample gardens and indoor walkways.

It is made up of 27 one-bedroom apartments and 30 studio apartments, which are served by a large group of common and leisure areas, including living rooms, dining rooms, music and game rooms, a library, bar/cafeteria, gymnasium, hairdresser, outdoor and indoor gardens and a parking garage. The Clube’s staff also provides residents with all the comfort and sophistication of secure and relaxed everyday living.

Clube residents also have at their disposal a number of support services, such as meals, cleaning, laundry, reception and security services, as well as routine medical and nursing services.

The Clube de Repouso Casa dos Leões is an innovative residential complex. Designed for people 65 years of age and older, it incorporates housing units with a set of support and leisure services. To make residents’ lives simpler, safer and more convenient.

  • Contacts

    ADDRESS: Avenida Prof. Dr. Reinaldo dos Santos, 30,2790-470 Carnaxide

    GENERAL PHONE: 214 181 006


    FAX: 214 189 519